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Advertisement Washing machines in In the department of Cordoba

1 140 230 COP COP Original price: 350 $ USD
Lavadora para uso doméstico. Código EAN. 850 x 595 x 470 mm. (alto x ancho x fondo). Centrifugado Aclarado. Sintéticos 30º. Algodón 40º. 8 Programas.

Planeta Rica 13.11.2018

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Washing machine is a great need for modern Housewives that combines home care, parenting and career development. Washing machine will save precious time that You could use. A large assortment of quiet, innovative, easy to use washing machines in In the department of Cordoba are presented using the best free classifieds site Ukraine "NYiGDE". With this purchase Your clothes will be clean and fresh.
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